The wonderful nature, 800 meters from Recharging, Sibirien, which is a very beautiful beach forest, where many people choose to be photographed for their wedding.

Køge town is an old market town with cozy alleys, restaurants and cafés. We highly recommend the shop Kaffekælderen in Køge where coffee and cake experience is far beyond normal. Cakes and muffins are homemade – with love and creativity.

Don’t miss the Forest Tower outside Rønnede, which is the largest viewing tower in the Nordic region and part of Camp Adventure.

Beautiful manor houses and castles such as Bregentved Castle, Gisselfeld Castle, the associated orangeries and not forgetting the restaurant Villa Gallina.

Møns Klint offers unique starry nights.

The Cold War Museum and Stevns Klint provide insight into an incredible story.

You can look forward to enjoying nature, cosiness and peace here in our area.

South Zealand and Møn offer just as much if not more nature than North Zealand does.

The Beach

Deer Park


Møns Klint

Stevns Klint

Forrest tower

The Beach.